in which niall hysterically laughs every time louis changes the words in ‘over again’

i still cant get over his adorable laughter hELP ME PLZ

Title: Happily (Acoustic) [Remixed by Nick* & Country Club Martini Crew]
Artist: One Direction
Played: 1112647 times

One Direction - Happily (Acoustic)

[Remixed by Nick* & Country Club Martini Crew]

some people work hard to get what they want, but some people don’t even have to put any effort to get something just because they’re let’s say, famous maybe. I have been trying 2 years to get Elay Neal Moses to notice me, but he never did. I am so fucking sick and tired of this shit. I won’t even be remembered anyways, because I’m not Troye Sivan. literally so done living in this cruel world. bye.

my adopted son